How to use the Original Adel Nibbling Tool         nibble sheet metal


            nibble aluminum
    nibble tin
    nibble copper
    nibble steel
    nibble silver
    nibble brass
    nibble laminates

1. The correct way to hold the Adel Nibbling Tool

2. The sheet metal (or other material) is placed in the gap between the punch and channel


3. By squeezing the lever  the punch will move down into the channel nibbling out a slug of material



4. To make a sharp 90 degree turn, pull the tool out of the slot . Turn the work 90 degrees and re-insert the tool again then cut

5. By turning the Adel Nibbling tool before each cut, a 5/16" radius (min.) can be cut


6. Any shape or size hole can be cut with the Adel Nibbling Tool by starting with a 7/16" hole